Thursday, October 27, 2011

Writing Prompt #88

When all Hell breaks loose, where will you be?
It was an old game, one he and his sisters had played all the time when they were growing up, but now it was for real. Funny thing was that Jack had never imagined that this was where he would be when it happened.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Writing Prompt # 87

Elaine pushed the lever back and forth, back and forth back and forth. This had to be the worse job she had ever had. But it paid the bills and that is what counted. Right now what she needed was to keep the bill under control and keep her head down. As much as possible she needed to melt into the background. So she continued to push the level back and forth until her arm ached and then she changed position to use her other arm for a while. If she had not turned around she never would have seen them coming.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Writing Prompt # 86

John was the first man to set foot on Mars. He knew he should be happy about that, but there was something about loosing your whole crew along the way, and the fact that he knew he was going to die here that kept him from being happy about the whole thing.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Writing Prompt # 85

Today's Prompt comes from me misreading VG_Ford's "Twitter-scope" and the love I know she has for Baseball.

The game had taken on a new twist when the Mars Colony joined the league. Since changing the gravity of Mars was not an option, and making the balls or bats heavier was not an option because it would change the game too much, the balls now had levitation fields here on earth that make them fly just that much further. The outfield of most parks have been nearly doubled and a most teams are now lobbying for a second row of outfielders.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Writing Prompt # 84

Thank you to Scott Roche for the Idea on this one.

In the early 90's Jennifer lost the love of her life. He hadn't died or got to jail, he had left her. It broke her heart. She knew he was the man for her. Now in a desperate attempt to find him, she found herself in the 5th night club of the night. Her Russian was bad, so she did her best to ignore the bouncer on the way in. Her translator has told her that there was a tribute band playing here tonight, but the tiny spot they used as a stage was still dark. She wormed her way to the bar and ordered what pasted for beer here. It was safer than drinking the water. In the post Soviet Russian underground world of hair tribute bands, some times even the beer was not safe.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Writing Prompt # 83

Margie walked around looking at the faces. It didn't matter how many she looked at they all seemed to have their own stories. That is if they were moving, if anything moved. Three days ago when she had woken up, the world around her had stopped. Nothing moved. It was like living in a wax museum.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Writing Prompt # 82

This was and is the favorite topic of many Sci/Fi writers: bad science, or science presented in a bad way. Even though I get angry when I see the stupid commercials for drugs on TV and they use this kind of bad science to explain why you should be taking this drug, I still find it an interesting topic. Watch this video for more ideas.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Galley Table Take Over Writing Prompts

Tomorrow the pirates will be once again taking over the Galley Table. Here are the two primary prompts and the one Bonus prompt. If even if you are not an official guest you can join us on ustream and add to the discussion

Air Force Captain Key just spent two months digging his way out of the missile silo only to find that even after spending over a year down there, it is still very desolate. He makes his way to Cheyenne mountain as his orders tell him to only to find it fully functional but abandoned. He is now in charge of the most powerful computer systems in the world... Captain Key what are you going to do next?

Jennifer read the note for what had to have been the three hundredth time this month. I really wish you were here Jenn, we have seem some of the most amazing sights, you can't believe some of the stuff they have here. Well we need to get moving again. I will write more when I can. Love Dave. It was over two years old now. She read it almost everyday. He had not been in contact since then. Now she was on what was probably going to be a one way trip to go find him.

Josh watched as the speck that he had been watching became a ship. There was something odd about it that didn't quite register with him until it got closer. It was a danger to them of course, any time you saw as ship on the open seas it was a danger. Even a ship that might be sailing under the same flag, you could never tell when something might have gone wrong and what used to be a friendly ship was in desperate enough trouble that they could have gone rouge. This was not the case this time, their sails were black, a definite sign they were pirates. What caught his eye was that the sails seem to be raked back too far, and they seemed to billowing up as much as they were forward. Then what had been burning in the back of his brain hit him like a ton of bricks. They were not sailing in the water. The Ship was about fifteen feet off the water and they were moving very fast. "Captain!" he shouted down to deck below, "We have a problem."

Writing Prompt # 81

Tom's vision began to get black around the edges, just as the crowd gathered around him. The last thing he saw was his boss leaning down to say something to him.
When he came to, there was no one around. Not just that they had gone back to their desks, they were not there. Not in the office, not on line, not out in the streets. There was no one there, they were all gone.